Turnovers will be key in Florida-Georgia showdown

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Tuesday October 23, 2012

Athens, Ga--Come on now admit it, three weeks ago a bunch of Georgia fans had gotten off the bandwagon after being beaten up by South Carolina. Those folks never paid attention to the schedule. Now, for a second straight year, the winner of the Georgia-Florida game will likely play for the SEC title.

Won't come easy obviously as the Gators are one of the hottest teams in the nation. This past week, they made it look easy against the Gamecocks. One thing Georgia learned by watching that game, you have to take care of the football. In big games, turnovers usually prove to be the difference makers. That, and they have to play better defensively

"Shoot I think they're 9th in the country in turnover ratio,they're doing a really outstanding job and we're at the break even point. We really haven't turned it over a lot but we really haven't gotten a lot of turnovers" said coach Mark Richt

"A lot of things we've messed up on, especially if you back to teh South Carolina game and some things we still had problems with in the Kentucky game was penalties and field position and dropped balls, things like that. Little things that extend drives on defense and things that kill drives on offense." said Christian Robinson

Probably safe to say there's more pressure on the Gators this time around. A win by Georgia though puts them back in the national title picture.

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