Tight knit Panthers ready to win

Glascock County Panthers
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Year in and year out, the players at Glascock County can count on one thing. They're going to get plenty of playing time.

When you're at one of the smallest football playing schools in the state, it tends to go that way.

The good news is the Panthers are just fine with that.

These kids are as tight knit as they come with most of them playing on the same team since the fifth grade.

So while many teams may have more talent, Glascock County relies on that chemistry to take them where they're trying to go.

Senior Greg Blair said, "At a small school like this, we grow up together. We're not only here for each other on the field, but we're also here for each other in school. We've developed a lot of heart and a lot of commitment between each other."

Fellow senior Grant Hadden added, "Everybody loves each other. I'd rather play with these boys than the Dallas Cowboys, but everybody's dedicated. Everybody wants to be here. If they didn't wanna be here, they would have been gone a long time ago."

This is a much more experienced Panthers squad than 2012, so coach Chris Kelley thinks last year's sputtering offense should be vastly improved.

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