The sport of fencing will test your mind and body

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Thursday May 23, 2013

Augusta, Ga--If you're looking for a hobby that's fun and will give you a surprisingly intense workout, maybe checkout the sport of fencing. I know, it'll force you to step out of your element. Doctor Rudy Volkmann is the head of the Augusta Fencing Club and will put you through the paces to show you just how intense it can get.

If you ever plan to fench with someone who's placed at the world championships, maybe don't make that be your fencing debut. We'll call that Jake Young's first mistake.

The domination didn't come until later. First, it was a run through the basics.

"It's taking all of my mind power right now."

"You're doing fine. Let's take a short break, find you a jacket, and let's try this." said Rudy Volkmann

"Sounds good." "Good."

Before the humbling experience, let's get a short lesson in equipment.

"All of these things are used in a way that lets them be both offensive and defensive weapons." added Volkmann

It breaks down to your weapon, the foil, a jacket, a glove and of course a mask. Then the moment we've all been waiting for.

"Touche." "There you go. Nicely done. Then we salute. And then we shake hands. Nicely done sir." said Volkmann

I've attacked, I've hit, I've missed, and after taking a stab at fencing I've realized I'm way too out of shape for this. added Jake Young.

You're in luck too, the fencing club just opened a new home downtown and their next round of classes starts june 6th. for more information and to sign up.


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