Successful run of Palace Malice returns to Aiken

picture of Dogwood Stables jockey uniform
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Nov. 11, 2013 A Belmont Stakes win to the Breeders Cup, Dogwood Stable and Palace Malice have reached the pinnacle of success in 2013.

Now, the amazing ride has returned the thoroughbred to Aiken.

Settling in for the final portion of the year, Palace Malice is back at the Aiken Training Track with the emphasis on training.

The four-year-old will be digging into the dirt every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the near future at his home stable, preparing for the 2014 slate.

Before going ahead, Dogwood Stable President Cot Campbell was happy to look back at the Belmont Stakes victory and the year of Palace Malice.

"(The Belmont) is the true test of a champion. A mile and a half and it requires great speed at the same time. The ramifications after that-- it was like throwing a stone into a pool," Campbell said.

"The ripples keep rolling out there and I've observed and enjoyed every one of them."

In early January, Palace Malice travels to Florida to prepare for the New Orleans handicap on March 29, 2014.