Stocked Wardlaw chases another title in eight-man football

Wardlaw Academy Patriots
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August 24, 2013 Saturday August 24, 2013

Edgefield, SC--In the high school football ranks, you can't accomplish much more than the Wardlaw Patriots. They're the kings of eight man football with the size to chase a third straight state championship.

There is no reason to believe the back-to-back champs won't win again. A lot of talent returning, the Patriots only lost two starters and have gotten bigger and stronger on the offensive line.

Not like he needs it, but that talented line will provide more room to standout athlete Malik Lee. Lee compiled over 3,000 yards of offense for Wardlaw last season. The teamwork may push Lee to an even higher level.

"Malik (Lee) is a feature back, but we're so much a team. Our offensive line is so much stronger than it was last year. They create holes that honestly I could run through," head coach Mark Warren said.

"That's why we do a lot with the run game. We've got a big line that can push people out of the way. It's a lot more fun compared to throwing the ball because the big boys get to run around and play a little more," offensive lineman Jacob Baynham said.

With two titles, the Patriots know how to handle the pressure of being the top team. However, they will have to find some more leadership. The two seniors lost from 2012, Kerry Cockrell and Dylan Seaman, played a vital role for the Patriots.