Spartans face familiar foe in State Championship

Edmund Burke Spartans
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Monday, November 22, 2010

This Friday's game marks uncharted territory for the Edmund Burke football team, though it might not feel so out of the ordinary for them.

Sure, the Spartans have never won a state title, but their opponent is no stranger.

They'll match up with undefeated Piedmont, a team they've already played this season. The first time around didn't go so well for Burke, but they feel the pressure is squarely on the Cougars in this one.

Head Coach Buddy Sorrow says, "Now, if they lose, not only to they lose the championship game. They lose their perfect season they've been talking about since the season started. So, I think the pressure's more on them than it is on us because we're just going to go try to play loosey goosey and try to win the football game."

Quarterback Logan Christian adds, "The seniors, I've never seen the seniors so emotional and pumped up in my life as they were after that win Friday night. It's huge. I just can't describe it. We're pumped."

The Spartans feel the best way to win is to grind it out on offense, eating up clock and keeping Piedmont's high powered offense off the field.