South Aiken's Dekoda Watson spends quality time at home

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June 21, 2014

Dekoda Watson (ESPN)

AIKEN, SC (WRDW) -- A new team awaits South Aiken's Dekoda Watson this season. Yet, nothing has changed about the now Jacksonville Jaguar linebacker.

His passion for football is still there. His heart is still with Aiken.

In his NFL life, Watson has changed from Tampa Bay Buccaneer to Jacksonville Jaguar. For the next few week's, Watson is a South Aiken Thoroughbred.

He's certainly staying busy in the community. On Saturday morning, Watson held his Koda's Kids football camp. Watson is an example of success for the area. He's tried to lead by example during Saturday's camp. Which more about fun than about the drills.

"Without a doubt. (I want them to) learn the game...yes," Watson said. "The ins, the out's, the details...right now we're just having fun. I can be honest about that. The elementary kids, they've got me so tickled. I don't know what I'm doing out here. I just said "throw the ball up and let them run, just let them run."

Watson learned the hard way it's a lot tougher than it looks to be a coach. As for on the field, he feels right at home in Jacksonville, moving on after four seasons with Tampa Bay.

A groin injury has stopped him from actually getting out on the field this off season. It hasn't stopped him from soaking in a new defense, or some pride in his new team.

"The transition is lovely. This is one team that I actually feel a part of. I'm happy. I love going to work. The city may not be all that. But I know when I can wake up in the morning and I'm like "yes, I'm going to work". It aint nothing like it. I'm definitely looking forward to the season starting. I love my coach, I love my team. I'm just ready to go," Watson said.

Part of the excitement is likely set up by his diverse role in the Jags defense.

He's an outside linebacker, but he'll have the opportunity to move around the field in coach Gus Bradley's OTTO linebacking position. Watson added that there's no doubt he'll be ready to go for training camp.

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