South Aiken encouraged and motivated by loss

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September 2, 2013 Most football teams wont find positives in a moral victory. And South Aiken high is right there with most teams.

However, last Friday, the way the Thoroughbreds played against a past state champ has to be encouraging for head coach Jeremy West and the crew.

The result on the scoreboard was a 17-10 loss against Greenwood. The result in the South Aiken locker room-- a lot of confidence.

Just last season, South Aiken traveled to the home of the 4A State champs returning with a 44-0 loss. More enthusiasm this year, also there's a different feel around South Aiken's practice.

"Much more upbeat than last year. Especially last year, we didn't even score a point against Greenwood. This is a better feeling for a Labor Day practice," quarterback Bo Baldwin said.

"We're definitely confident, going in to last week our whole motto was shock the state. We felt we could compete with those guys and we wanted to win. It hurt when we loss. We're definitely confident and ready for the challenge this week." linebacker Will Hollbrook said.

If the Thoroughbreds were to pull off a win this week, it would certainly classify under the "shocking the world" victory.

Northwestern High arrives in town, not only as the state's best team, ranked as the 14th best team in the nation.