Sophomore stands tall to lead Midland Valley

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Daniel Carr (WRDW-TV)

Graniteville, SC--It's not that often when a high school football coach will turn to a sophomore quarterback. Sure, it happens every now and then, but then again, it's not everyday a program has a player like Midland Valley's Daniel Carr.

His performance against Brookland Cayce is why he's our Acadmey Sports and Outdoors player of the week. Trailing into the fourth, Carr went to work and rallied the mustangs for a win. When the final horn sounded, he was over the 300 yard mark of offense and four big scores.

"Me being a leader, you don't want to be down because they look to you first and if you're down, the team may be down so I try to keep my head in it" said Daniel Carr "I just calm myself down and not get to anxious. The week before last, we fell short and I didn't want to have a repeat of that."

"Being just 15 years old he thinks he can make a play every single time" said Rick Knight "He's cut down on those little mistakes and sometimes you have to take that turnover along with those four touchdowns and we'll take the four touchdowns"

The 5-11 sophomore may actually like basketball better, but has put up some big numbers all year on the football field and could be a 1500 yard passing guy and thousand yard rusher. Yes, that versatile!

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