Late selection serves as motivation for Matt Hazel

May 10, 2014 NORTH AUGUSTA, SC-- On the final day of the 2014 NFL draft, there were some anxious and admittedly frustrating moments for North Augusta's Matt Hazel.

After four hours of waiting, the frustration quickly turned to relief and motivation for the Coastal Carolina receiver. Hazel was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the sixth round.

For the record breaking receiver, It couldn't have come soon enough. The road to the draft hasn't been easy for the "small-school" prospect.

On his way to South Beach, there will be more motivation to prove he's more than a sixth round pick.

"It's going to be motivation. I'm still going to keep this chip on my shoulder. Obviously, I wasn't a fifth round, a fourth rounder, third or second or first rounder. There's an added motivation to that. I'm just going to go in and do work," Hazel said.

Hazel hasn't gotten a lot of sleep the last three days, and the wait was tougher than he imagined.

"Just thinking your dream is about to slip away really, but just being patient really. I knew one day, my name was going to be called later today and I was going to be on a team. Getting drafted is everybody's dream. I worked hard for it for the past four years and it finally paid off," Hazel said.

Hazel was surprised it was the Dolphins that picked him. Miami had already taken two wide receivers before Hazel. They made an exception with him still on the board in the sixth round.