Silver Bluff reloads after a trip to the state title game

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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Petticoat Junction, SC---They reached the top of the mountain a year ago, but just couldn't put the flag in the ground. Silver Bluff, one play away from a state title. This year, back to work with basically a whole new cast and ready to start the climb again.

This team was hit hard by graduation losing 14 guys including a number of multi year starters. This year, the baton is passed to the likes of Myles Corbitt, DeAngilo Drayton and Tarron Jackson just to name a few. Don't look for things to change much, they'll still run the ball and know it'll just take a little time. Every game will be a benchmark for things to come

"Well, just get everybody in. We have a deep backfield so we just have to get everybody in and get everybody a lot of reps so everyone can do what they need to do and learn what they need to learn" said Myles Corbitt

"Our kids know what each part of the season is for" said Al Lown "We're trying to build a house with a solid foundation and then we'll put the paint and shutters on later on but we have to build this first. Until we get that built, there's no need to look at putting the next thing is and they understand that."

Don't think they'll be much of a fall off, Silver Bluff wins and wins a lot. Coach Lown says he has the most kids out in probably 20 years so that'll add depth. It's all going to depend on quick they get the timing down. Just don't be surprised if they're playing deep into november like they usually do.

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