Side by side, Sherrill brothers lead GRU Augusta basketball

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Jan. 14, 2013 AUGUSTA, Ga-- The talents of KJ and Keshun Sherrill are well-known. Both gifted in the game of basketball, the two brothers have all the answers for GRU Augusta.

(Background credit: MGN Online / hdwallpapersfree)
(Background credit: MGN Online / hdwallpapersfree)

Yet, one question remains.

"Everybody asks the same question. Why is he so short and I'm so tall?" senior KJ Sherrill said.

"I'm just like him. I just say I'm blessed. I'm just 5'9 blessed and he's 6'8 blessed, you know?" freshman Keshun Sherrill quickly retorted.

Redshirt senior, KJ, may have the height advantage. Redshirt freshman, Keshun, may be a little bit more in the maturity department.

Though, unquestionably, both are dedicated to each other and the game of basketball.

"They've been playing together their whole life. Last year, when they redshirted, they were together most of the time," coach Dip Metress said.

It's not normal for a senior to take a redshirt, but KJ and his brother had bigger plans for the 2013-14 season.

Each sitting out the year, so they could play together one last time.

"It was hard at first, but we still stuck together. Came into the gym on our own. We just got through it both together," KJ said.

Transferring from UNC Charlotte, KJ Sherrill was fondly nicknamed "big goofy" in high school. Considering multiple division one offers after leaving the Charlotte program, it was younger brother signing with the Jags that made KJ's decision.

"Just him being here with me. That's motivation enough for me. All he has to say is 'Keshun let's go to the gym, let's get some shots,'" the freshman guard said.

Currently on a nine-game winning streak, their sibling rivalry is paying off on the basketball court. Just don't talk about pick-up basketball.

"I think i have the most wins because I always pick the best teams," KJ said quickly.

"Every time I beat him in pick-up, he's going to hear about it. Every time I beat him in practice, he's going to hear about it," Keshun said.

No matter the talk. The Sherrill brothers always have each other's back and that's something no one can argue.

"Two is always better than one in my book, especially when you're from the same family," Keshun said.