Schools in Georgia start football practice with helmets

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Thursday July 25, 2013

Augusta, Ga--For kids in Georgia, a day they've been looking forward to all summer. Thousands of guys have been sweating it out in the weight room just waiting to put on their team's helmet. Today, the day has finally come

These first five days in Georgia, it's only the head gear as teams can hit the practice field. Aquinas getting things going tonight with the biggest change at the top. James Leonard takes over for Matt LeZotte. While he's been on the staff the last couple of years, there's now a lot more responsibility

"It's definitely different" said James Leonard "I'm more use to calling the defense on that side of the ball but having to actually plan the whole practice, making sure what we're doing every second, when the water breaks are, it's takes getting use to. It's going very smooth, I have great assistants that make my job very easy"

At age 26, Leonard is also one of, if not the youngest head coach in the state. He's following in his grandfathers footsteps who was the first head coach at Aquinas.

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