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Jan. 22, 2014 There's a special ingredient to Midland Valley's success. A brand that defines the Mustangs team with its own, unique flavor.

It goes by the name of "Sauce Team."

"We got Texas Pete, Big Mac sauce, white sauce," senior Djuan Green said.

"Sweet chili sauce, sweet bobby rays," senior Taijha Turner said.

"Sweet and spicy, spicy honey mustard...It's just all the sauces really," Green added

On game night, you'll find signs and banners all over Midland Valley's gym, but only one tells the story of AAA's top-ranked squad.

"(Sauce team) is just something the guys came up with. Kind of like the "Fab 5" in the 90s. We just wanted to put something together to make a name for ourselves," sophomore Daniel Carr said.

So, what does sauce team have to do with basketball? Absolutely nothing. But, in some way, it's helping the Mustangs win games

"I think it's a camaraderie thing. It's an identity and it's a confidence thing," coach Mark Snelgrove said.

"Over the summer, before we did it. We didn't have any chemistry, losing almost every game. Once we got together, working together....you could see it on the court-- the chemistry," Carr said.

The "Sauce Team" motto has exploded from the summer. Students from across campus providing support for their sweet, but spicy team.

"We walk in the locker rooms, we walk in the hallways. Everybody's like sauce team, sauce team, sauce team. I think it's kind of like a movement. Even when I graduate, i think it will carry on," Turner said.

While the future is unknown, the Mustangs are living well in the present.

Currently, holding a 16-2 record, and climbing to number one in the state poll.

A state title is realistic for the 'Stangs and the "sauce" nickname has certainly helped.

"I love how everybody is embracing it because it makes us play even harder. We've got to step up, we've got to prove it to everybody," Green said.

The month of February will tell the full story on the Mustangs.

As for now, the proof is in the pudding, or-- sauce, in this case.

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