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Monday May 13, 2013

Evans, Ga--When you walk into the Greenbrier baseball field there's a wall with a list of past championships the team has won, and there's a few of them. This year, they're trying to add to it but are going about it in a vastly different way.

It use to be the road to the title went thru Greenbrier. For the Pack, they are the road team, and will be all the way through the post season. It certainly hasn't stopped this year's team as they are kind of enjoying the role of road kings

"It's a little bit different" said Taylor Glover "Being here at home, we have a good home crowd, and it's just good energy to feed off of but playing at other places there's also big crowds and it's really exciting for us so either way I don't think it really matters"

"All these different things fighting for their attention and getting them on the road kind of elminates those things that can be distractions" said Chris Wilkins "Really at the end of the day the kids have just really really focused on the job at hand reguardless of where we're going to play"

One thing this year's team has going for them, experience. Remember, they played for the title a year ago and bring back a plentra of seniors. When you play at this level, having the nerves under control is a big thing

"We've been looking forward to this for a long time, especially me, being a senior." said Clint Hardy "The coaches have been looking forward to last year and this year and they really think we can do it this year"

Pack hit the road tomorrow as they take on East Paulding. Coach Chirs Wilkins says this will be their toughest series to date.

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