RiverHawks owner says future depends on the JBA

Augusta Riverhawks
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Monday March 25, 2013

Augusta, Ga--With the Augusta RiverHawks season officially over, the question is there. Have we seen the last of hockey in Augusta? We had a chance to catch up with RiverHawk owner Bob Kerzner on the tough decisions ahead.

"We're stuck in limbo as well as the fans and everybody else" said owner Bob Kerzner "Just waiting to hear what they may do or what they may not do. Because it could be a reasonable price or it could get very, very expensive."

It's a catch 22 situation without a doubt. The RiverHawks, or any hockey team needs a place to play, the arena would likely need a commitment to see if it's worth repairing the damage or replace the cooling system all together.

"In a 35 year old building how much money do you want to spend on that building and what's the life of that building" added Kerzner "So those are the questions the city and the commissioners have to ask and answer for themselves and then once they decide, pass that information along to us."

Bob Kerzner owns the Riverhawks and are at the end of their lease. A couple of months ago they said they need roughly 800 season ticket packages for next year to make this work. That was before the ice issues.

"There are a few options out there and they have to decide if they're going to keep patching this building up thats' 35 years old or maybe are they going to make the long term investment to put a new arena
in somewhere."

So what if Richmond County said they would make the investment so they can make ice?

"I have to see the ice." said Kerzner "Because I've seen situations before where committments have been made by cities or counties in other areas of the country towards the ice hockey teams that we're going to have this done or that done and it never happens"

So in Kerzner's eyes, right now, it's in the hands of the Arena and Richmond County before he decides on whether or not he will have a team in Augusta in the future.

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