RiverHawks closer than record indicates

Augusta Riverhawks
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Friday, January 4, 2013

The RiverHawks still have plenty of season left to right their course and make it to the playoffs, but things need to change pretty much immediately.

The Hawks seemed like they were on the track after parting ways with Coach Rob Miller, but it all went south again, and they enter the weekend last in the SPHL at 6-16-3.

One of the big problems has been losing close games.

Augusta's lost sixteen times this year, and fourteen of those were one or two goal games. On the other side of the equation...the RiverHawks have only won two contests decided by one or two goals.

At this point the deal is simple: clean that up, and the wins will come.

First year RiverHawks winger Shawn Skelly said, "We've battled back a couple times, then given up a late goal to lose by a goal or maybe two with an empty netter, but I think we're starting to learn from that, and I think we're going to clean up our mistakes that have gotten us in the past."

Interim Head Coach and team President Mark Richards added, "We've been in so many one goal games and on the losing end of them that we are close to getting it. Nobody's going to do it but those guys."

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