RiverHawks Auffrey suits up despite loss of son

Augusta Riverhawks
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Monday February 18, 2013

Augusta, Ga--The RiverHawks hadn't played at on home ice in over a month, so the weekend should have been a welcome home party. Instead, it turned into an emotional roller coaster no one saw coming with the sudden death of captain Matt Auffrey's infant son.

Auffrey and his wife Whitney lost two-month-old Wyatt to sudden infant death syndrome, meaning there's no true reason for what happened. Auffrey and his family watched the RiverHawks win Friday night, and yesterday the captain played in Augusta's three-to-two loss. For Auffrey's team it was a new situation too, and they just wanted to be there for a friend.

"We were all just kind of crushed, ya know? It was just one of those things you never expect, and it just killed you I guess. It just tore you apart."

"The only way we're going to get through it is wrap our arms around him a little bit and show him some support and show Whitney some love and try to help them out and ease their pain."

The RiverHawks' patriot themed jerseys were auctioned off after last night's game. Most brought around 500-dollars. Auffrey's sold for three-thousand. The family is accepting donations to help in research of SIDS

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