Rivals Augusta Prep and Westminster meet in GISA semifinals

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Augusta, Ga--The only way you could get bigger then this for Augusta Prep and Westminster would be to play each other for a GISA state title. This comes in second, as it's the semifinals as the rivalry is renewed yet again.

Make this number five on the year the Cats and Cavaliers have squared off, each winning twice. For Westminster, they've been to the final four and have some comfort factor. For Prep, it's been a while since they've made a run at a title. No need to tell them what's at stake.

"Actually I think we're going to tell them it is a rivarly game." said Mark Guthrie "They get motivated when they know it's Wesminster. It's just 10 minutes down the road from us so the rivarly is right there. We're going to tell them it's Wesminster, that's important"

"I don't think it changes too much" said Austen Stokes "Yeah, they're our cross town rivals, we just have to go out there and play hard you know. They're a good team, obviously they made it to the final four, so we have to play our game." said Austen Stokes

Obviously when you play each other this many times, the teams know what each team is going to run and who will likely take the big shots. Can make it easier and harder on the coaches at the same time.

"The team that's going to be most poised, most confident, and executes well in half court is probably going to come out ahead" said Mark Tebbs "We need to do the things we've been doing in the last week and it is going to be fun. I'm happy for their staff and they're happy for us as well."

"I mean we know everything about them, they know everything about us." said Michael Downing "We're friends with most of the guys, I mean they're great guys, but it's a great rivarly and it's probably the most fun game of the year."

Both teams have senior dominated rosters so this is as good as shot as any they've had to get to the finals. We know one thing, we'll have at least one more team playing for a state title.

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