Ridge Spring Monetta making progress under 2nd year head coach

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Thursday August 22, 2013

Ridge Spring, SC--Anytime a school that has struggled brings in a new coach, it's going to take a few years to really get cranking. For Ridge Spring Monetta, the foundation was laid last year with Heath Corley, now time to build more of a structure.

The learning curve wasn't as sharpe this year with coach Corley and the kids as they now understand what they're trying to accomplish. Four wins doesn't seem like much, but it was strides in the right direction. They lost to some of the traditional class a powers and that's where this team learned a lot.

"We compare ourselves to the teams that beat us and see our deficiencies and that's what good teams do" said Heath Corley "Good teams see what they're not real good at and try to get better at it. We definitely have to get a lot stronger and try to play a little more physical and defensively we know we have to improve a whole bunch so that's a big focus for us"

"We know our offense a little bit more better and defense and everybody is getting stronger in the weight room so that's working out pretty well" said Reginald Preston

Quarterback Reginald Preston returns to lead the offense and everyone around him is pretty confident he can take this team to another level. Coach Corley mentioned being at Williston before coming over to Ridge Spring helped, but now it's up to the kids for the trojans to get to the next level.

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