Richmond Academy faces big challenge in 5A jump

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Aug. 5, 2014 AUGUSTA, GA-- There's nothing wrong with a good challenge. ARC certainly haS one in front of them. Moving up in class, the Muskies need some of the younger players to step up.

Richmond Academy football

The jump from 4A to 5A may be a little steep for coach Chris Hughes and his Musketeers. However, running away from the challenge isn't in their blood.

Led by senior Tony Daggett, who is making a move from quarterback to receiver, they'll have some of the best skill guys in the CSRA.

But questions remain about the big boys up front. No matter the questions, they have to compete with the big boys in the higher class.

"We're in a little bit different situation than the other teams in this league, but we expect to be competitive. We're not just going to go in there and let everyone beat up on us," Hughes said. "We expect to come out every game and be competitive. We've got some young guys that are going to have to really step up quick to play against these guys they are fixing to play against."

"We have to put in a lot of hard work being that we're moving up. We're losing a lot of key guys. Everybody's going to have to play their role and know how to do it. I think we can be pretty good," Daggett said.

Daggett is a playmaker, expect to see him on both sides of the ball and in the return game. Jeff Jones will be the ARC quarterback, and he's holding a cannon for an arm. The Muskies and college coaches across the country are high on the guy. A hip injury sidelined Jones for most of last season.

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