Reliving childhood with a kickball league

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Friday, May 30, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Time to go back to your childhood.

What was your favorite game in elementary school? Tag? Well, a lot of you probably said kickball.

It's not just for kids anymore.

"I never once thought I'd play kickball over the age of 20," said Beth Bargeron.

"Not since, well, maybe if you asked me in elementary school maybe?" said Mike Gulino. "It's just a blast."

A blast indeed. Kickball for adults. Really? Can it get any better?

"What was funny was the minute I would talk to people, they got so excited, they got that child like excitement in their eyes and here we are now," added Keith Edmondson.

Through the Augusta Sports League, kickball and other non-traditional sports have been growing quickly. Around 150 people playing kickball alone. When you can have cool shirts and great team names, you can't beat that.

"I mean it's all about socializing" said Eric Hardiman "Kickball, I really enjoy the sport but generally most of these things you're just getting the community involved and having a lot of fun."

While the smiles are endless, don't let it fool you, games are very competitive.

"Last summer, a guy dislocated his shoulder out in the outfield," added Bargeron.

"Another girl in the last tournament in the winter broke her nose from someone running into and hitting her, I mean there's a lot of competitive spirit," added Hardiman.

That's the exception, certainly not the norm as kick ball has become a kick in the pants.

"One of our friends said hey, there's actually a league where they actually have a legit kickball and stuff," said Gulino, who gets a kiss from his dad. "That's my dad, he also plays kickball on our team along with my brother and my sister so it's kind of a family thing."

The Augusta Sports League has a variety of leagues that run all year long.

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