Reese Hoffa visits Lakeside Middle School

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Friday September 14, 2012

Martinez, Ga--A special guest at Lakeside middle school Friday afternoon for their football pep rally. Former Panther and now Olympic bronze medalist Reese Hoffa.

Second time Hoffa has returned home since winning bronze in london. Always a cool thing. Hoffa has plenty of memories from the games and winning bronze was disappointing at first, then a pretty cool thing.

"You go into the Olympic games, you always have a goal of trying to win the Olympic gold medal" said Reese Hoffa "But to come out with a medal is awesome because I'm now part of that long tradition in the U.S. of shotputters bringing home medals. Because if I didn't get it done then some other person from some other country would have got it done."

Another big honor for Hoffa coming up monday night. The Atlanta Falcons will recognize him before their game with Denver.

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