Ray Guy feels this could be the year he makes the Hall Of Fame

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Augusta, Ga--It's been a long time coming but this could be the year Thomson's Ray Guy finally gets his due. In two weeks guy hopes to get the phone call saying he's been named a football Hall of Famer.

Thursday afternoon, Guy spent some time in Augusta with the next generation of kickers. He's long been regarded as the best football history, yet somehow has been ommitted. Being named by the senior committee gives him renewed hope.

"If it holds true like it has in the past, both of them have gone in." said Ray Guy "But we still have to wait til February first, and that's the hardest part, sitting around and waiting because I've done this before. But if it comes. that's the way it should be"

Guy wasn't alone over at Westside this afternoon, Tom Hornsey, who won the Ray Guy Award this year, was also on hand. The Austrialian plays for Memphis and has embraced this whole experience of being associated with the greatest of all time and win the award.

"I was so excited" said Tom Hornsey "There had been a lot of anticipation up until that moment. When I first found out I was in the top 10, then the final three, it was just an amazing feeling. Then when my name got called, I couldn't believe it, it was surreal."

Hornsey has only been kicking for a few years really and his mentor actually had attended a Ray Guy kicking camp back in the day. Everything comes full circle.

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