Questionable call sinks GRU Augusta, leaves coach disappointed

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(Background credit: MGN Online / hdwallpapersfree)
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Augusta, Ga-It wasn't how the GRU Augusta basketball team envisioned their win streak ending, a last second bucket the other night by Georgia College and State. But should it have counted?? by the letter of the rule probably not.

Georgia College inbounded the ball with three tenths of a second to play. According to the rules, when there's that little time on the clock, you can only tip the ball towards the basket, not catch and shoot. With all our fancy equipment we can slow this down basically frame by frame and you can see this was more than just a tip in by Georgia College's Royal Thomas, it was more of a catch and release. No replay was available at the game so it was a judgement call that went against Dip Metress and the Jags.

"There explination was that it was a tip" said Dip Metress "We beg to differ. It's not a call that can be changed. The only way the rule is different if you have a courtside monitor. We do not provide courtside monitors in the Peach Belt and maybe this will help crusade the cause to get some courtside monitors. Went to two of the referees and said it's got to be a tip and they said yes, it's got to be a tip. Said it twice. Came out of the huddle and said it's got to be a tip, yes it has to be a tip. Their rationale was that it was a tip."

The Peach Belt Conference issued a response saying they stand behind the ruling of the three officials who were on the floor and deemed the shot to be good. Our officials are trained extensively to manage these very scenerios and all three evaluated the play at the end of the game in the same way. They made the call witin a split second utilizing their best judgement and with no courtside monitor to review the play in the aftermath.

Now here's the crazy part about all of this. Dip's brother is a high school coach and had the exact same thing happen to him, like a week ago!!! No, I'm not making that up. It was actually far worse then what we saw happen to the Jags. Oh yea, there was a phone call made.

"He talked to me for three days and I was like there's only so much you can do. I did not call him that night because it was late, I sent him the link and said and said look what happened to me. It was very ironic. I've coached over 500 games, he's coached over 600 games, so that's 1100 games between us and that's never happened to either one of us in our career and it happened to us in the last week and a half."

Jags need to put it behind them as they head to UNC Pembroke this weekend.

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