Power life competition upcoming in Augusta

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Augusta, Ga--In a couple of weeks time the sport of power lifting will grab a few headlines. The downtown Y is hosting an event and the entry is growing.

Among those who'll be competiting, Katie Kinson. Kinson has been a body builder for three years and now making the jump to power lifting. Many might not think there's a difference, but power lifting isn't about fine tuning the figure of your body, it's simply about lifting and lifting a lot.

"Well the training is a whole lot different" said Katie Kinson "It's not based so much on looks or physique, it's more of a strength thing. My training regiment has completely changed and my diet has changed."

Kinson will be compeiting against everyone as they'll use a formula to determine who pound for pound is the best power lifter. The event is july 12th at the Y on Broad street.

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