Paine's Toby Veal learns life lessons before leading the Lions

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Augusta, Ga--It's been well documented the case of GRU's Harold Doby and what he had to overcome off the court with a gun charge. He's not the only one. Paine College's Toby Veal was in a similar situation having been expelled from Paine a year and a half ago for having a gun on campus. Now, back in the good gracious, Veal is leading the Lions.

Veal has won where ever he's played. First, in Savannah, then at Virginia Commonwealth, where he actually played in the final four. He transfered to Paine and found himself in trouble shortly there after. But he's learned a lot, has grown up and has done all the right things to get back on the court. Veal gives a lot of credit to coach Jimmy Link and even the administration for believing in him.

"It's helped a lot because I really don't have a lot of people behind me like that." said Toby Veal "To be able to step up for me and help me out with stuff I need help with, and push me forward, and that really helped a lot in my life."

Veal had to sit out til after the first of the year, but at age 24 is pretty much the leader of the team. His 6-8 presence on the inside and winning attitude gives this team something has been lacking and the rest are following his lead.

"Me coming from VCU and coming from a final four team, it's just automatically a lot of players are going to look up to you as a big brother because you've been through a lot of it and they are trying to follow your footsteps to get to the same place and we're all trying to get there together." added Veal

"It's kind of like he's their big brother." said Jimmy Link "When he says something, they all listen. He and Kedrick (Taylor), they kind of pull the reigns on it and those guys talk, they definitely listen to them, a lot."

Veal said he's actually talked with Harold Doby on how he handled adversity. Being a dad, he also leans on coach Jimmy Link for parenting advice. After the season, he's hoping to go to a few camps and maybe even get noticed at the next level. Work to do before as paine is thinking tournament with Veal front and center.

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