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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Augusta, Ga--You just never know want kind of hidden talents you're going to find on a local roster. Paine basketball player, Arnis Libazs, has some talent on the court but so does his father. Just on a different type of court.

The court means a little bit more to Latvian center Arnis Libazs. This is the spot he shares with his father, almost like a reminder of home.

"I really don't think about it that much because he's just my dad. Maybe in other people's eyes he's a hero or something." said Arnis Libazs

The Lions big man may have the size advantage, but his dad's got him beat when it comes to a big sports repuation. Only, his sport is volleyball

"He's just something incredible, like wow...With medals i can't even count them all." added Libazs

Andris Libazs has enough medals and trophies to fill a closet. Winning world championships as a volleyball player. And it's that hardware that motivates Libazs now.

"I definitely miss them all the time and i use them as my motivation. I've got to prove to them that i can be...Someone they can be proud of."

The younger Libazs certainly needed that motivation this season. In may, back surgery threatened to end his basketball career.

"They just told me i probably wouldn't be able to play basketball ever again, or at least for three or four years. That kind of gave me the motivation to work harder." added Libazs

Motivation is one thing, determination, another. Libazs returned to paine college way ahead of the doctor's schedule. Thanks to the strong support of his father and mother.

" Anything is possible, so why not? Why not?"

Even from thousands of miles away, a court connects a family-- whether it be volleyball or basketball.

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