Pacers ready for NCAA baseball tournament

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Aiken, SC--Its NCAA tournament time for the Pacers of USC Aiken. The goal remains the same they just come in to the tournament with a different mindset.

You see before the Peach Belt, the Pacers were number one in the nation. Then they promptly lost two straight and were out before they knew it. Don't think it weighs heavily on a team that always finds a way to enjoy what they're doing.

"Other teams were playing for their lives, we knew we were in the regionals" said Bryce Baur "Hopefully that wasn't why we played bad, but sometimes it just happens like that. Just learn from the mistakes we had, at least it happened last week and not this week so we get another chance right here."

One guy to watch also has one of the toughest names in the world. Slugger Bill Gerstenslager. The 6-6 250 pounder from ohio leads the team in homers, runs batted in and average. Yea, he also leads the team in letters in a name which can lead to some interesting times.

"You talking about Gerslanger?" said Kenny Thomas "That's what I've been calling him for two years, Gerslanger. Gerstenslager or something like that, I don't know. It's like we had a player on our team and for two years I never could pronounce his name"

"Mostly announcers get my name right but everybody, as soon as they hear that name they're like what?" said Bill Gerstenslager "I don't know, gunslinger is probably my favorite"

Gerstenslager and the rest of the Pacers take on Georgia College and State in the first round tomorrow at three. Mount Olive is the host for the regional

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