Pacers golf ready for trip to NCAA

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Friday, May 17, 2013

While the USC Aiken baseball team is just starting their NCAA title quest, the Pacers golf team is off to Hershey, PA, this weekend with hopes of bringing back the top prize in Division II golf.

It's no surprise that's for sure seeing they were in a similar position last year before bowing out to the eventual national champs in match play.

Michael Carlisle's team didn't take the easy route, having to turn it up a notch the final round of Regionals.

With a senior dominated lineup, and being used to the pressure, it all should serve this squad in a good way.

"The only thing that makes you tougher is competition," said senior J.P. Solis. "So like being the five of us, well the four of us that played last year, we know how much pressure the match play is, not just the match play, but the whole tournament is."

Fellow senior Matt Atkins added, "We were third in the nation going into regionals and we were kind of expected to get through and we found ourselves grinding it out so if that happens at nationals it won't be the first time we've had to do it so I don't think we'll be near as nervous, we know that every shot counts."

They're hoping to finish in the top four of stroke play this time just to have a good seed for when they go head to head for a title. First round action is Monday.

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