Overcoming all odds to race in the ESI Ironman 70.3

Augusta Ironman competition
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Thursday September 20, 2012

Augusta, Ga--There's only a little over a week until this year's ESI Ironman 70.3. For many participants, it will be the toughest thing they ever do. For Nikki Boudreaux, not even close.

Sometimes life is like jumping off the dock. You never quite know what's waiting for you beneath the surface.

"They didn't think I was going to make it, just from the gym to Doctor's Hospital." said Nikki Bourdreaux

September 25th of last year, Nikki Boudreaux finished her first half Ironman here in Augusta. Four days later, she was in the hospital after blood vessels ruptured in her brain.

"We were coming off the Ironman 70.3 last year and finishing that race happy and feeling good. Then this hit, and it was really surreal."
added Todd Bourdreaux

It was a bleed that can easily kill so it was no less than a miracle that after just two weeks and a brain surgery, she was headed home with plenty of support and some lofty goals.

"She said from the start, 'I want to do the Ironman again. That's my goal.' To her, that's the mark that she's back." added husband Todd

Then the pieces started to fall into place. She's not allowed to ride a bike yet, so she and husband Todd will complete the event as a team ,and time is the last thing on their minds.

"I just want to finish it. I'm not worried about running the whole time. I'll run and walk and run and walk. It's just more of a personal goal." added Nikki

Race day will be remarkable for much more than the event itself. That day marks the one year anniversary of the incident that nearly took her life.

"...It's funny because it's going to be a year to the day." said Nikki "It was very difficult at points where I didn't think that I wasn't going to be able to make it at that point, but then I'd tell myself, yes I will. I will be back."

So when Nikki climbs out of the water one year later, she won't know exactly what's ahead. But whatever it is, she plans to reach that finish line.

Nikki's not completely recovered from her incident. She still has times when she can't quite come up with the word she wants to use, but overall, an amazing recovery and an even better story.

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