Outfielder Tyler Horan quietly builds an impressive streak

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May 6, 2014 AUGUSTA, GA-- Through a month of the season, hitting and the Augusta GreenJackets haven't always gone hand in hand. If there's one guy you can expect to produce, it's Tyler Horan. He'd just prefer you didn't talk about him.

Horan has quietly built a 14-game hitting streak, sparking the GreenJackets offense when really no one else has.

No matter Horan's massive success in the early portion of the season, don't expect much of a celebration. Quietly going about his business is just the way he likes it. The outfielder prefers the "less talk, more action" approach.

"I've never been one to really go on the computer and check out how I'm doing, check out what people think about me. Frankly, I don't really care what others are thinking of me at the time because no matter what I've got to perform the way I perform," Horan said.

"Nobody's opinion of me is going to really judge that...whether my numbers are good or bad."

Fair to say, it's ok to judge Horan's numbers, so far. The Virginia Tech product ranks near the top of the league in doubles and batting average. During the 14-game streak at the plate, Horan's hitting .388 with nine doubles and seven runs scored.