North Augusta vying for a spot in the state finals

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Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013

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North Augusta, SC--For the past five or so years North Augusta has proven they are one of the elite teams in not only the area, but the state of South Carolina. While they haven't gotten over the hump to play for a title, they've been banging on the door for several years now. This time, they want to kick it in.

As has been the case for a while now, the offense of the Jackets has been putting up video game type numbers at times. From Trib Reese chucking it to Dashawn Brooks and Willie McCloud running it, they're averaging nearly 40 points a ballgame. This time of year, it's about defense, and this may be the best yet for the Jackets holding their opponents to just 13 points a game.

"It's all offense every week," said Brandon Maddox. "Everybody knows when North Augusta plays you're going to see a great show. We want defense to be the same. We want to come out there and work hard, hit people, we want to fly to the ball, we want to look just as good and just as fast as the offense does."

"I think we're better defensively because we have the cats up front that can play," said Dan Pippin. "When you have four people up front, really six, because we rotate through, that can really play I think you make it. And our linebackers are an experienced group."

North Augusta will be put to the test Friday as they travel to Rock Hill to play Northwestern. They're always one of the kingpins in the state but the Jackets have put their name in that discussion as a team that year in and year out can compete for a state title.

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