Next step for Silver Bluff, the state finals

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The winning tradition at Silver Bluff builds expectations, but it also builds winners. The Bulldogs have decided another lower state championship appearance isn't enough this year. They'll only settle for the the state title.

For two straight seasons, the Bluff has been haunted by Charleston's Bishop England in the lower state finals. Filled with experience, head coach Al Lown is primed for another good season and primed to move toward a state championship. The schedule will get the bulldogs in shape quickly. An intriguing match up with strom thurmond opens the season.

"Expecations are to try and bring home a state championship. That's our one goal, that's what we are trying to do, and we're trying to get better each day so we can accomplish that." said Gyasi Yeldell

"We're not out here to have a winning season, and we're not out here to win region championships." said Al Lown "We're out here to win a state championship and everything we do is aimed for that. We think playing better teams than us, particularly early we're going to find out where we need to improve."

Led by senior lineman, Gyasi Yeldell, the Bulldogs are bringing the size up front but are lacking in veteran skill players. A former defensive back, Jalen Lawrence will be handling the duties under center. All eyes will be on the opening week match up, Bulldogs meeting Strom Thurmond.

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