New GRUA name not affecting basketball recruiting

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Tuesday June 11, 2013

Augusta, Ga--With the college sports season now behind us, Augusta State athletics is officially no more. It's now Georgia Regents University Augusta. What about recruiting? Are coaches having to do things a little different?

In a word, no. Dip Metress is holding his basketball camp this week and has been hot on the recruiting trail as well. Here's the first official GRUA shirt as the mascot look and colors are changing. For Metress there's just a little more explaining to do, but the new name hasn't hurt one bit.

"Yea we do get some questions from parents" said Dip Metress "The best thing we tell them is hey when you come down here, we'll explain it. It hasn't hurt us recruiting wise, really no setbacks, as we use the same approach we've used in the past. It's just when they get down here we have to explain we consolidated with the medical college and we are now this big university called Georgia Regents University."

In the upcoming weeks Christenberry Fieldhouse will get a make over as well. The court will get a new paint job with the new logo and colors. Metress did say the name Augusta will be on their uniforms as well as the GRU initials.

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