More than the kids learn from the Dip Metress basketball camp

Dip Metress (WRDW-TV)
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Tuesday, May 10, 2014

Augusta, Ga--For 16 years now GRU Augusta basketball coach Dip Metress has been spending a week every summer teaching basketball. Not to his players, but to kids looking to get better.

Christenberry Fieldhouse is a happening place this week with Metress and several of his players teaching the youngsters all aspects of the game. While the kids take plenty away after five days of the camp, for those players helping metress out, they actually learn plenty as well.

"Sometimes your best players aren't your best camp workers" said Dip Metress "The ones that are good with fundementals are great with camp. They learn that sometimes dealing with young kids is not as easy, kind of like I am with dealing with them sometimes, but they do a great job."

"What Dip goes through is totally different out here but we all have fun and enjoy the time we have here." said KJ Sherrill "Some of the stuff that I didn't learn to do, I'm teaching them so it's all a learning experience."

Metress' camp runs through friday as he's a busy man trying to wrap up recruiting as well. He's still got one scholarship to fill and is hoping to add a big man to the lineup.

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