More team, less individual the key to Barnwell success

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Barnwell, SC--In Barnwell, it was not a pretty picture on and off the field for the Warhorses. On the field, some injuries hampered them, and guys had a problem buying into what they were trying to accomplish.

The end result, just a two win season, and this follwing a couple of years the program was on the upswing. Coach Ed Moore has laid down the letter of the law and is finding out who truely wants to play ball. Even this year's seniors know they have to play as a team, not as individuals.

"We also had a lot of guys who didn't want to buy into the system and give full effort on every play of the game and this year I feel like we got the injury bug off us, the senior leaders of the team have gotten together and we're giving effort, whether it's weight lifting or practice, we're giving a lot of effort every rep." said Reagan Guest

"This year I think we have a group that's really committed to playing together and if we stay healthy and keep our heads on striaght, we have a chance to be a pretty good team this year." said Ed Moore

Coach Moore likes what he sees both in the weight room and on the practice field. With four starters back up front, he thinks they'll be able open some holes for the backs on offense and make some stops on defense.

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