Miles away from home, McCarthy brings holidays to Augusta

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Dec. 24, 2013 AUGUSTA, Ga-- It's not exactly like home, but GRU Augusta basketball player Henry McCarthy is making the most of his holiday. McCarthy grew up in Norway and is now thousands of miles away from family and his Christmas traditions.

(Background credit: MGN Online / hdwallpapersfree)
(Background credit: MGN Online / hdwallpapersfree)

So to make it a better holiday break-- he brought home to Augusta. The family part of Christmas came to McCarthy this year.

Instead of a long and unfeasible trip overseas, Henry's dad and sister were on hand in Augusta Sunday, watching the Jaguar basketball team win vs. Mount Olive 70-65.

The win was great, but McCarthy treasured some members of the crowd a little bit more.

"That's what I've been doing my whole life. My parents have been watching me play basketball. When I'm in the US it's kind of hard for them, so when they come over here it's pretty nice to have the family supporting you," McCarthy said.

"You feel like you play better, too."

The McCarthy family will be together through the new year taking in Jacksonville for the holidays, as well as, the Jags upcoming home game on Jan. 2.