Low numbers won't discourage 'gritty' Brentwood squad

Brentwood Eagles
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Aug. 9, 2014 SANDERSVILLE, GA-- It certainly wasn't by design, but Brentwood School has a scaled back roster for 2014. 25 players makes up the War Eagles varsity squad this season. One of the smallest teams is making up for the numbers in other ways.

When you think of Brentwood all of the fun football words come to mind. The gritty, grinding kind of football team. The War Eagles fit the mold, and they don't have much of a choice.

This is the smallest group in numbers under head coach Bert Brown. They have enough experience, but depth is an obvious concern. The Eagles lost a lot in the running game. One of the many positions where someone has to step up.

"It's not easy. They've got to really step up. You can't just say you're going to be a running back. You've got to have the "want to". You have to get dirty and hit somebody," senior back Bo Brooker said.

"I've had that told to me by colleagues before. Regardless of what type of circumstances we might or might not be in. We're going to play hard each Friday night and try to get you into the fourth quarter," Brown said.

The Eagles feel their season ended too soon with a first round playoff exit. Numbers may be low, but the Eagles have plenty of talent at quarterback. Three year starter Sam Joiner and athlete Josh Mixon anchor the offensive attack.

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