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Williston Elko Blue Devils
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Monday, August 12, 2013

For seven years, Dwayne Garrick has put in the effort to turn Williston-Elko from a decent team into a Class A powerhouse. The Blue Devils have accomplished a lot in that time, and this year should be no different.

The last few years there have always been offensive stars. From Dexter Staley and Gator Garrick, to Kendric Salley and Rokeem Williams, Williston has had more than its share of D1 type players.

The forgotten point? The offensive line is one of the best in the state every single year, and with no big names in the backfield, that powerful line is this year's key to success.

Three-year starting quarterback Dalton Mundy has his best group ever in front of him, and he knows it.

"That's one of the best high school lines in Class A football," he said. "Everybody's big. You've got Taylor Hearn committed to Clemson, so it gives you confidence lining up behind them knowing they're blocking for you."

"Your team kind of goes as your offensive line goes," added Coach Garrick. "If you can't establish a run and move the football it's frustrating. So, I'm glad we've got these senior guys and Daniel Smith who's just a sophomore but played every snap last year for us to where we feel really good about it."

With Clemson commit Taylor Hearn leading the way, that offensive line should clear plenty of space for Mundy and the Blue Devils' committee of running backs.

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