Laney wrestling trying to set the bar high in first year

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Wednesday January 16, 2013

Augusta, Ga--For the first time in school history the Laney Wildcats are fielding a wrestling team. And don't think this squad is made up of dumb jocks. Several of the kids are AP students who are trying to leave their mark on the program.

As they wrestle into the second half of the season, the cats are starting to get a hang of it. Almost all of these kids only knew pro wrestling, not the amateur and high school style. Heck, getting the mats and wrestling gear was a challenge as well. But under the direction of Shahid Abdul Jabbar, these cats are proving hard work pays off.

"There has been so much development in such a short amount of time" said coach Shahid Abdul Jabbar "we started literally November first and they had no knowledge of actual Georgia high school wreslting so we've gone from that to where we've had a couple of medal winners in the county championships."

"The conditioning wasn't as hard as in other sports" said freshman LaXavier Twiggs "Having someone be on you the whole time so it's kind of different

Besides having a number of AP students on the team, they also have a couple of females, including Monic West. She plays other sports and while her parents were shocked she wanted to wrestle, they were fully supportive. Monic has a competitive side to her as well to show up the competition.

"Well there was a time when this boy was like laughing and joking and he picked me up but I got out of it and I slammed his face into the mat" said Monic West "So that was pretty exciting but that only happened a couple of times. I kept slamming his face into the mat though"

The girls on the team are now sisters with the rest of the team. If the wins keep adding up like they hope to do, who knows, we could see a winning tradition at laney like they have in pretty much every other sport.

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