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Friday February 8, 2013

Augusta, Ga--A break out year is about to continue for former Laney standout Brandon Thurmond. The Arkansas Pine Bluff defensive end has his eye on the big time after a season where he led the nation in sacks and was named an All-American.

Thurmond ended his year with 17-and-a-half sacks, then wowed scouts at the East-West Shrine game. Now, NFL guys seem to think the kid has a future with the big boys. Hard to imagine a year ago that he'd be in this position, but Thurmond adjusted his work ethic in the offseason, and he expects that change to take him all the way to the pros.

"The type of person I am, I feel like if the next person can do it, I can do it. If he can do it better than me, I can do it better than him. That's just the attitude I have. That's the attitude you gotta have to try to play in this game. I'm always a competitive person, so I'm going to go out there and do what I gotta do."

Thurmond didn't get an invite to this year's NFL combine, but he will have a pro day workout at Pine Bluff in march. He said he's heard good feedback so far about the possibility of being drafted, but even if he doesn't hear his name called, his gaudy stats should get him a free agent deal.

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