Laney chases a state title with undefeated mark

Laney Girls Basketball
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Thursday March 7, 2013

Augusta, Ga--It's off to Macon for the undefeated Laney Wildcats. At stake, the class 2-A state title. The ladies trying to pull off what the guys did a year ago and win a state title.

It certainly won't come easy as they take on Wesleyan tomorrow afternoon. Wesleyan moves up a class after winning five straight class a state titles. But this Laney team is different then the past. They have serious inside game with Khadijiah Cave and Simone Smith and are undefeatd and brimming with confidence. Of their 30 wins, 27 of them have come by double figures.

"They already have experience and we're experienced about winning all these games and we just haven't seen the presence of being there for a championship. But I feel like you have to come in and treat every game as your first game and you just have to know that it's a tough game and you have to play starting off."

"This would mean a lot to us and these young ladies. This would mean a lot to Laney and the community." said Otis Smart "Just about everyone is saying they're coming to the game and we're going to win the game, I have confidence so I'm looking forward to the game."

Lady cats will have to contend with a team that has just four losses, and only one to a team in georgia. But this could be the year Otis Smart gets his first state title to go alone with his 600 plus victories.

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