Ladies take center stage with Nike Nationals and Peach State

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Augusta, Ga--A week and a half ago we were treated to hosting the best high school basketball players in the nation. Well, part two of that equation is underway with the ladies and the Nike Nationals.

While the main event featuring the top teams nationwide is at Riverview Park, the Peach State has some of the up and coming underclassmen. One thing's for sure, if you play AAU ball, it's a big committment they pretty much start right after the high school season and this is the culmination of the season.

"I love the game, I think everyone who plays and travels the AAU circuit has a love for basketball because you have to because it takes up your whole summer." said Jennifer McMahan

"It's very difficult because all the talent is fast and they're just good, everybody is good in AAU" said Mallory Myers

Of course the coaches love these type of events because it's one stop shopping. All the talent in one or two buildings. While we focus on the senior class, many coaches are looking a year or two out and starting a file on the future players.

"For us, we really start looking at them in the sophomore year, coming into the junior year, every once in a while a freshmen, the local kids we'll look at them younger." said Nate Teymer "But from around the country and stuff it's usually sophomores and juniors."

"Sometimes you can get a player that's looking to transfer and you can say hey, we're down here in Aiken, South Carolina, remember when you came down for Nike Nationals and the area may be popular for them and they maybe enjoy that for them and maybe our chance of getting players of this caliber is maybe on the rebound."

Nike Nationals wrap up Wednesday at Riverview Park In North Augusta

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