Hunt aims to convince Wolfpack they can win now

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

It hasn't been easy going the last several years on the football field at Greenbrier. The Wolfpack are traditionally powerful in most sports, but on the gridiron it's been nine years since they've fielded a winner.

Turns out, second year Head Coach Kevin Hunt thinks he's got the secret to turning it all around.

It's not finding better athletes. Greenbrier's stocked with those.

It's all a matter of believing. Most of these kids have never really seen the Wolfpack win in football, so the coach is determined to convince them it can happen, and that this is the time.

"The kids have to learn how to come out and compete everyday, and so we compete all the time," Hunt said. "For example, we're running half gassers. They've partnered up with the guy next to them, and they're trying to beat that guy. So, they've got to learn to compete and not give up and not back away from competition."

Senior lineman TJ Borders added, "I feel like we have a standard to match up to with our baseball team and golf and tennis and everything else like that. I feel like with our football team, we need to show it some love and get it going and put some wins out here, get everybody pumped about us. If we have one person believe in us, the whole school will follow."

It won't take long for the Wolfpack to see where they stand. They start off with Cross Creek, before playing perennial powers North Augusta and Jefferson County.

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