High school practice starts in South Carolina

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Friday August 2, 2013

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Aiken, SC--With the new mini camp rules in Georgia, the high school ranks in the peach state have been on the practice fields for a week already. Today, South Carolina joining the fun as teams finally able to strap on the helmets and get to work.

At South Aiken, Jeremy West is hoping his squad can avoid the injury bug and be a playoff team. No coach likes to use it as an excuse, but if there's one that could, West and the Thoroughbreds are the squad. Meanwhile, across town, Brian Neal is the new man in charge at Aiken. Neal comes from McCormick and is hoping to get things back on track for a program that's struggled in recent history. Even the coach gets butterflies this time of year.

"Didn't sleep much last night to be honest with you. We're excited to be here so it's going to be fun." said Brian Neal "We got here and school was out, so finding kids, going after kids has been a little bit of a struggle. The numbers are good so we're excited about the numbers and so we're excited"

Remember Neal is coming from a class A to a 4-A school so having this many kids gives him a lot more options. And hey, he took McCormick to the state title game a year ago

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