Harold Doby back with GRUA

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Monday June 24, 2013

Augusta, Ga--It's now official, basketball player Harold Doby will return to the Georgia Regents Univeristy Augusta lineup when the basketball season starts.

You may remember Doby was suspended by the school after a gun was found in his campus apartment last January. His case was dismissed and Doby has since been reinstated by GRUA. He actually just completed summer classes and is back on track and will have his senior season left with the Jags.

The 6-8 forward is a big part of the team's inside presence as doby averaged nearly 12 points a game while grabbing 7 rebounds this past year. In an email Doby sent today he said everything happens for a reason and has learned a lot about himself.

Here is Doby's complete email he sent out:

"It has been a long six months and I want to thank everyone in the city who has supported and encouraged me. I also want to thank Georgia Regents University, the Athletic Department and my teammates for believing in me. Augusta is my hometown, and I am happy that I will have the chance next year to once again represent my city, my university and my teammates as a player on the men’s basketball team. Everything happens for a reason and I have learned a lot about myself and what I value. Life can change in the blink of an eye, and as my mother always tells me, struggle makes us stronger. "

"Last year was difficult, both for me and my teammates. As a senior next season, I want to go out on top, and I am excited about making a positive impact and helping our team continue the great tradition of Jaguar basketball. Our fans stuck with us last year, and my teammates and I will work harder than ever to make our city proud of us and how we play the game. The only day that will be better than the day I get to wear my basketball uniform again will be the day I walk across the stage with a degree from Georgia Regents University. And when I do get my degree, it will be because my hometown showed faith in me."

Go Jags!"