Harden aiming to rebuild Jenkins County

Jenkins County Eagles
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Millen, GA -- Last year, things just didn't quite add up at Jenkins County. The War Eagles had three legitimate Division One prospects, two going to Georgia, yet on the field they finished with just a single win.

Clearly things needed to change in Millen, and they got the hire of the year.

In steps Ashley Harden. Surely you remember the name. In only three years at Butler, he transformed the Bulldogs from a team with 41 straight losses into a playoff qualifier.

Now, he's moving out of Augusta with a chance to do it again.

His new players saw what he accomplished in an even tougher situation than the one they're in, so there's plenty of confidence to go around.

Senior Tyrell Brown said, "We're getting better and better everyday. We're developing as a team and bonding as a family. It's like a whole different attitude on the field. No one's here for the Friday night meal. Everyone's here to play."

That confidence is creating some big ideas.

Harden and a number of his players are tossing around words like "state championship" and "rings," but senior Donald Pennington thinks the team can accomplish something even bigger.

"I want to win that, but I want to make a difference for the community," Pennington said. "We're all divided black and white still kind of a little bit. So, if we can win a season, imagine how much we can change this community around with everybody coming together and uniting as one, so that's really my main goal."

Jenkins County lands in a region with defending state champ Savannah Christian, so it won't be easy, but don't bet against Harden to get the job done.