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Thursday July 27, 2013

Grovetown, Ga--In recent history the Augusta area has been fortunate with a few Olympians in track and field. Reese Hoffa and George Kitchesns come immediately to mind. While it might be a bit before we see another, just put the name of Darius Watkins in the back of your head.

Watkins will be a senior at Grovetown and keeps getting better and better pretty much every time he steps foot on the track. Didn't come easy and it came with a hard lesson that he learned 14 months ago when he was a sophomore.

"I started taking track seriously after last year after state when I made it to state and didn't do like I should" said Darius Watkins "I really got embarrassed on the track and from that point on I took it as serious as I can because I know I wanted to be the best that I could possible be"

This year Watkins went out and won the 200 and his times keep getting better and better in that and the 100, his favorite. Running iwth the Velocity Striders on the AAU Circuit has only made him better. In an event like the 100, the key is the first couple of seconds.

"In the 100 it's all about that first 15 to 20 meters of your race. You really have to drive out of your blocks and try to generate as much force to the ground that you can. In the 200, it really comes down to the last backstretch. You have to hold your form, especially the last 50 meters, you just have to go all out."

Earlier this summer Watkins went to Puerto Rico for a national event and will be in orladno in ealry july running again. It's now year round for him as he hopes to continue to lower his times.

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