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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sleep has been a hot commodity in the house of Greenbrier baseball Coach Chris Wilkins the last couple weeks.

The coach has been leading the state's top ranked team, and they're one of only four class AAAA teams still in the playoffs, but none of that is keeping him up.

Ten days ago, the Wilkins family added another member to their team, a little girl named Maris. Since then, the head coach has been bouncing back and forth between baseball practice and changing diapers, and his team has just continued to win.

In most cases, you might expect for him to leave sports on the field when he heads home, but not in the Wilkins household.

"My wife gave me another sports name. We've got Payton after Walter Payton, Cy after Cy Young and now we've got Maris after Roger Maris. It was my original idea to stay with the sports names, but she definitely had a list to choose from. That definitely wasn't all me."

Wilkins and the Wolfpack host Whitewater Monday night in the Final Four. Two wins over the Wildcats give them a shot at the school's sixth state baseball championship.